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VelofelAfter this, you can begin basic exercises, since all the warm-up approaches are completed, and the joints are ready to work with a lot of weight. Exercises from behind the head also cause shoulder pain. However, completely healthy joints cannot become inflamed with bench presses and wiring because of the head. The problem of shoulder pain can be caused by a wide range of movements, use of excessive weight, or improper technique when the joint is in a vulnerable position. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the neck does not fall below the extreme level of the ears, and the joint does not overstrain. It is also necessary to make sure that when moving the muscles that surround the joints were not tense - this will also help to avoid injuries. Do not do more than 10 exercises because of the head. Vertical traction can be the exercise that causes extra strain on the shoulders. The problem of vertical traction is to perform the movement, because excessive effort makes you lift the bar very high. This situation often leads to irritation and pain of the tendons of the rotating shoulder cuff, which can turn into a chronic disease of the shoulders. The problem is solved by using the grip in a position at shoulder width and lifting the projectile no higher than the point where the elbows become exactly at right angles to the shoulders.
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